The TV and the newspapers are emphasising the dangers of our recent lack of rain. The various fires on northern and western moors are continuing, even if they have largely dropped out of the news.
It certainly hasn’t rained for a while – I appreciate that because my often boggy garden’s as dry as anything (lawn going brown, cracks in the earth in the flower beds starting to widen, the pond’s a bit low with the evaporation from our lovely sunshine ..)

Some people going on holiday are experiencing higher temperatures when they get back to the UK than they experienced while they were away! It’s just so unlike the country we live in ( this  includes our progress in the World Cup!). Something odd’s happening!

A representative of the water companies was trying to explain how this situation had arisen.
• My thought was we didn’t have enough reservoirs to catch and store all the rain we had over winter and in spring, to avoid it all running out to sea.
• She explained that we were using the water faster than they could treat the water to make it potable, and that the diameter of the water pipes in our street was limited (too small), and they couldn’t provide any more water because it wouldn’t fit into the pipe!

I guess that we need to sip slower and glug more sparingly! Stand under trees!

It does look like we might be getting some rain soon – we’ll probably just get the wrong sort of rain! We’ll then be getting flood alerts rather than hosepipe bans!

For a species that can venture into space, we still seem to be unable to control our conditions back here on earth.

Still, that’s enough on Brexit!

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