Snow Magic

What a weekend? More snow than we’ve seen for ages!

Stray Snowman

It came amazingly quickly on Friday morning, wiped out most possible outdoor activity on Friday and Saturday, started melting on Sunday, but slowly – and waking up on Monday morning it was all gone!

I love the way that snow comes so quickly and quietly. To wake up with a snowy covering outside is little short of magic to me. Such a surprise that it takes a few seconds to work out what’s happened. In these Covid times it’s especially wonderful, even if it’s another reason not to be able to go out!

Yes, I know we’ve seen snow before, and shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s really become quite unusual in the UK, even in winter.
I recall some heavy snow on a Friday afternoon when I was living near the bottom of Pool Bank. I had to abandon my car at a hotel at the top of the Bank, and walk home it was so deep, so quickly. Even with the inconvenience, there was a wonder to it.
Now, being retired, there is no burning urgency to get to work or to keep to a schedule. It seems OK:

To wonder at the size of the snowflakes (they were big weren’t they this weekend).
To listen to the lovely noise that’s made when you walk on fresh snow, compressing it under your feet.
To observe the effects of snow laying on different sorts of trees – even evergreen trees, firs and pines, vary in the patterns the snow make on their slightly different way their branches lay.

Of course if the temperature remains low the snow can soon turn to ice, on pavements and roads. Spinning car wheels can make it glassy smooth, even though it’s tempting to walk on the road rather than the less yielding icy old snow on the pavements. I guess that those of more mature years do need to be a bit careful not to slip and break something. Nobody wants to have to go to hospital at the moment!

There have been some really long periods in the past when the snow has turned to ice and stayed to become a nuisance and a danger for months – was it 1947? ( I was a too young to go out then!) I do recall a winter and spring when it stayed bitter for months – 1963? Like all the ’60s, if you weren’t there you wouldn’t believe it!
This snowfall was a double surprise for me. My regular FaceTime call with my sister in Western Australia revealed that she was ‘suffering’ in 43 degrees and high humidity!

Now if you had to choose, which climate would you go for!

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