Coronavirus Impact

22nd May 2020:

Currently, the club’s schedules show activities restarting from the beginning of July. Frankly, this now seems somewhat implausible, but the Committee will be holding a virtual meeting on 3rd June at which, inter alia, we will be discussing future plans. I will provide an update to all members once that meeting has taken place.

18th March 2020:

The following is a summary of the main decisions made by the Committee as of 17th March 2020:

Meetings: All meetings until the end of June are cancelled.  The Committee expects to review the longer-term policy in mid-June.

Walks:  All Probus-sponsored walks are cancelled until further notice.  It is possible that some walking will continue as private arrangements between members, and for convenience these may be listed on the website, but walkers will not be covered by the Club’s insurance.

AGM:  There will be no formal AGM this year.  However, in the next 2-3 weeks the Secretary will attempt to organise an email-based “virtual AGM” to ratify the Committee’s proposals for the year.

Subscriptions:  No subscriptions are being charged at present and existing cheques will be destroyed.  When meetings resume, the Committee will define a pro-rata charge for the remainder of the year and and provide individual calculations and/or refunds for members who have already paid for the AGM or the new club year by bank transfer.

Events:  The Tennants Auctioneers trip has been postponed until at least the Autumn.  For now, planning is still going ahead for the Summer Lunch in the hope that it will be possible to hold it in late August, and we are assuming that it may be possible to hold the Christmas events.  No official Probus “4th Wednesday” pub meetings will be held until further notice.