18th March 2020: Update to Coronavirus Information

Earlier today, we mailed updates to members regarding the Committee’s decisions on how it would handle the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the Club’s activities.  More details are here but, essentially, all meetings and events planned for the next 3 months have been cancelled and the situation will be reviewed in mid-June.  Any walks or other activities organised by members will be regarded as private and not sponsored by the Club.  Subscriptions for the 2020-21 year are not required to be paid until the club programme is able to restart.

23rd March 2020:  This site now has a page here that will be maintained as information and tips are discovered that might help members survive the rigours of self-isolation.

22nd May 2020: The Committee will be holding a virtual meeting on 3rd June at which, inter alia, it will discuss future plans and activities. The Secretary will provide an update to all members once that meeting has taken place.

3rd June 2020: At today’s Committee Meeting, it was decided to cancel all planned meetings before the beginning of September; further cancellations to the end of the year may well be made but will be reviewed nearer the date.  In addition, all planned “4th Tuesday” walks have been cancelled until the end of the year.  A decision will be made on the Summer Lunch at the beginning of July, and on the Christmas functions in 2-3 months’ time.

13th Aug 2020:  At last week’s Committee Meeting, the cancellation of planned meetings was extended to the end of September.  However, The Oatlands Club is now reopening carefully and we are reviewing whether it might be possible to restart socially-distanced meetings from October.  Limitations on available venues mean that the possible rescheduling of the Summer Lunch to become an Autumn Lunch now seems unlikely to happen as, unfortunately, do the Christmas functions.

11th Oct 2020:  The Committee is delighted to announce that Probus meetings will restart on a virtual basis, using Zoom, at 2pm on Wednesday, 21st October.  Mike Bevington will talk to us about recent developments in the Air Ambulance service and the log-in details will be distributed a few days earlier.


If you are retired or semi-retired and wish to meet like-minded professional and business men, then our Club could provide you with an excellent opportunity to talk, walk and share social occasions with friends.

We hold meetings every two weeks at the Oatlands Mount Club on Hookstone Road, when we have interesting speakers to talk with us on fascinating topics.

2018 was a special year in the Club’s history, since it marked the 25th anniversary of our very first meeting, on 13th March 1993.  We recognised this at our AGM on 21st March when we were honoured by the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Harrogate, Councillor Christine Willoughby, together with representatives of the other local, but more junior, Probus clubs.  Members enjoyed a celebratory buffet lunch before the formal business of the AGM

We have two active walking groups, one of a slightly more demanding nature than the other, when members and guests take a 4 to 6 mile walk every month in our lovely local countryside. This always ends at an attractive pub, where we are joined by other members who like to share a meal but can’t manage the walk!

Four or five times a year we have social events– usually a coach trip to somewhere interesting for the whole day, but maybe to attend a Probus Christmas Carol Concert or to share a celebration meal.

We are a male membership club and general meetings are normally for male members and guests – but spouses, partners and guests are welcome to most other social activities.

Do contact us via the button below, and arrange to come as a guest to one of our meetings.


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