Other Club Events

Along with our regular walks, talks, outings and social activities, special events involving one or many of our members occur from time to time. This page gives details of some of the most significant.

Please also note that you can find a calendar of key future events here (opens in new tab).


July 2022

We had two 90th birthdays within 3 days this month, with Peter Crowther on the 14th and Colin Fulford on the 17th.  Rather than the traditional champagne or whisky, both preferred gin [webmaster: obviously gentlemen of particularly good taste!]


19th December 2021

The final 90th birthday of the year was 19th Dec, when Brian Bebbington reached the landmark.  Like Peter Haigh, he preferred a bottle of decent champagne.

14th August 2021

2021 was a good year for big birthdays, and Jack Ponsford reached his in August. His preferred tipple was a good single malt.

August 2021

Stuart Jennings made a killing on eBay (don’t ask…) and, being an aviation fan, decided to treat himself to a flight in a Spitfire. Not content with that he also arranged a flight in the world’s only 2-seat Hurricane. He claims not to have had the slightest touch of airsickness!

9th June 2021

The club’s favourite farmer, Philip Haigh, reached his 90th in June, and was delighted to receive a bottle of Champagne.

15th March 2021

We always try to mark our members’ most significant birthdays, traditionally with a bottle of something warm and comforting. On this day, Peter Honeysett celebrated his 90th birthday and our welfare officer, Stuart Jennings, did the necessary.