Previous Meetings

Recent meetings have covered a wide range of subjects, and some examples are below:

DateEventTitle or LocationSpeaker or ContactTalk Comments
2022 Meetings
25th MayEvening Meal"Cardomom Black", Cheltenham CrescentDavid Clayden
18th MayLive talk at Oatlands"I Used to be a Football Ref, but I'm Alright Now"Jeff JacklinClick here
11th MayLunchtime Social"The Giggling Squid", John StreetDavid Clayden
4th MayLive talk at Oatlands"A to Z of Europe"Geoff QueenClick here
27th AprilEvening Meal"West Park Hotel", 19 West ParkDavid Clayden
20th AprilLive talk at Oatlands"Meccano"Timothy Edwards
13th AprilLunchtime Social"Fisk", 1 Montpellier Mews, HarrogateDavid Clayden
6th AprilLive talk at Oatlands"Searching Family History"Elizabeth EdwardsClick here
23rd MarchEvening Meal"The Inn on Cheltenham Parade"David Clayden
16th MarchBuffet Lunch and Annual General MeetingOatlands ClubDavid Peckett
9th MarchLunchtime SocialThe Harrogate Club, 36 Victoria AveDavid Clayden
2nd MarchLive talk at OatlandsMember's Talk - "Flying from the Stray"Peter RixClick here
16th FebruaryLive talk at Oatlands"An Actor's Life for Me"Michael WardleClick here
9th FebruaryLunchtime Social"The Alexandra", Prospect PlaceDavid Clayden
2nd FebruaryLive talk at Oatlands"Funny Old Lives"Geoff TwentymanClick here
19th JanuaryLive talk at Oatlands"A Critical View of Man-Made Climate Change"Melvyn RutterClick here
5th JanuaryLive talk at Oatlands"Stethoscope Secrets"Carol TetlowClick here
2021 Meetings
15th DecemberCarol and buffet lunch eventOatlandsDavid Clayden
8th DecemberERDG LunchWilliam and VictoriaTim Eynon
1st DecemberChristmas LunchOakdale Golf ClubDavid Clayden
17th NovemberLive talk at Oatlands"The Road to Timbuktu"Tony ThorndikeClick here
10th NovemberInformal lunchtime meetingPitcher & PianoDavid Clayden
3rd NovemberLive talk at Oatlands"Motor Sport - The Golden Years"Bob SoperClick here
20th OctoberLive talk at Oatlands"Amusing Traffic Law Acts" Philip SolityClick here
13th OctoberInformal lunchtime meetingLa FeriaDavid Clayden
6th OctoberLive talk at Oatlands"Small Acorns - Mighty Oaks"Roger OldfieldClick here
1st SeptemberLive talk at Oatlands"An Early Interest in Crime"Robert StewartClick here
25th AugustSummer LunchOakdale Golf ClubDavid Clayden
18th AugustLive talk at Oatlands"The Cyprus Green Line"Malcolm BrookeClick here
4th AugustLive talk at Oatlands"The Clouded Years"David DaviesClick here
21st JulyOnline Talk"A Pillar of Society? Nelson and his Loves"Cathy ShelbourneClick here
7th JulyOnline Talk"Hotels in the Sky"Mike Ogden
16th JuneOnline Talk"Scams and How to Avoid Them"Brad AshtonClick here
2nd JuneOnline Talk"Masters of Mirth"Mike StorrClick here
19th MayOnline Talk"Tales from Dringhouses Railway"Rosemary Cook
5th MayOnline Talk"The Mad Moles of Edge Hill Past and Present, and the Williamson Tunnels in Edge Hill"Tom StapledonClick here
21st AprilOnline Talk"The Job of a Laughtime"Brad AshtonClick here
7th AprilOnline Talk"History of Barnbow Munitions Works"Eric JacksonClick here
17th MarchVirtual Annual General Meeting---David PeckettMinutes are here
3rd MarchOnline Talk"Nidderdale Yesterday"David Alred
17th FebruaryOnline Talk"NT Treasurer's House, York, Ghosts"Glennis Whyte
3rd FebruaryOnline Talk"Across the Pennines by Narrowboat"Ian Wright
20th JanuaryOnline Talk"Cruising Along the Rhine"Eric Songhurst
6th JanuaryOnline Talk"Time Through the Ages"John Hope
2020 Meetings
16th DecemberOnline Talk"Fracking & Future Energy Resources"Bill Rigby
2nd DecemberOnline Talk"Wentworth Woodhouse"Trevor Moody
18th NovemberOnline Talk"Studley Royal Water Gardens"Mike Bevington
4th NovemberOnline Talk"Bentley Boys - The Playboy Racers"David Skillen
21st October"Developments in the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service"Mike Bevington
March - OctoberMeetings cancelled
26th FebruaryLunchtime Social"The Coach and Horses", West Park, HarrogateDavid Clayden
19th FebruaryTalk"Southampton to Cape Horn"Greta KnightClick here
5th FebruaryTalk"Harrogate Walking Tours""Harry"Click here
22nd JanuaryTalk"Walking the Leeds-Liverpool Canal"Pat ClarkeClick here
8th JanuaryTalk"We Apologise for the Delay (Railway Humour)"Geoff QueenClick here