Root and Pot

I’ve just been to the dentist to have a root canal filling – at 2.40 pm, not 2.30!

If you’re squeamish – look away now!

It’s the first time I’ve had this sort of treatment, and I’d heard all sorts of stories about the pain etc.

What a sensory experience!
• Sound (that awful high pitched whine – no, not me!),
• Smell (burning tooth?), and
• Taste (some strange unguent, or was it just fear?)

At one stage a rubbery cloth was put over my mouth – it certainly wasn’t because I was talking too much!

Apparently this has many purposes:
• keeps saliva out of the gaping hole in the tooth,
• prevents some of the nasty-tasting stuff being put into the filling from getting into the mouth, and
• is there to catch any small drills or other fitments that might fall down the gullet!

The overall effect, however, was that of a jellyfish trying to give me the kiss of life – rather unpleasant!

I’d expected a lot of drilling, but that didn’t go on for too long, nor was it painful.
There was much more pushing and shoving, with an amazing amount of instrumentation shoved into what I regard as a rather small mouth!

The nature of the procedure: take top off tooth, drill hole, ensure that hole has nice edges suitable for new filling, squirt stuff under pressure into the roots, fill, tamp down etc. made me think that dental expertise might be useful in tackling the huge number of Harrogate’s roads’ potholes!

Well, an hour later and it was all over – and I’ve had no after effects either.

Relief from someone who generally has just a routine check and a quick brush and polish, but this time got rather more than he could chew!

Well if you are ever required to have a root canal filling, at least now you know the drill!

And I’ve been toothful!

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