Busy Bees!

Summer’s a busy time of year, don’t you think?

Just when you feel like sitting down with a G&T in the sunshine (or the shade if you prefer) you realise that there’s ‘work’ to be done:

  • The allotment needs weeding (desperately), and watering (from a rain butt!), plus the peas need picking before they grow old and are unacceptable to eat
  • I need to pick the soft fruit from the blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes – before the birds get them!
  • I have been neglecting my fly fishing – on the grounds that the river level’s so low that the trout can see me rather too clearly – but the season ends in September!
  •  The vacuum cleaner needs repairing/replacing –  and many other household chores that were put-off during Spring and the previous winter because of my ‘manyana’ policy.

However, don’t panic Mr Mainwaring!

The long period of light days, especially the evenings, provides more time to do some of these tasks. So I’m working through my ‘To do’ list – slowly – favouring the more interesting/least energetic jobs.

That means the household chores lose out a bit, but I have managed to go fishing with my Probus friend Bill – a delightful evening lake fishing near Jervaux.

I was right – the trout could see me, but I enjoyed the anticipation, the trout I just missed catching (It must have been HUGE!), and the post-fishing beer at The White Bear in Masham.


What’s better than an English summer, especially when England are winning at cricket!

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